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02 08 2008
It has been a long time since I lastly uploaded a new gallery to DigiPics, my old gallery in The Annwn. Now, this does not mean, I had not taken any pictures in the meantime. Au contraire, mon capitain! But how could I handle all those photographs more efficiently? For some picture sets I had made special pages to display them, as you can see in DigiPics. But I only want to repeat this for special occasions. For now I want a method to process the images, like converting them to suitable sizes for displaying on screen, and show them in some decent album, where the visitior can browse through sets and all of that. Additionally, the EXIF data of the photographs should be displayed, so that one could get an impression how they were taken. Of course, you could argue, there already are plenty of picture sharing sites. Yeah, what about being techie if I'd use someone else's program? ;-) What I finally have produced are (1) some scripts to process the images, and (2) a small application to display the albums. First, the scripts All scripts (two, in fact) can be installed into Gnome's file browser Nautilus, so you only have to select the images to process, right-click and select the script from the context menu. create_thumbs is a small shell script that resamples the selected images into various sizes, 120px for thumbnails, 640px and 1024px. It also rotates them according to the orientation flag in the EXIF data. Of course, the script relies on external programs to accomplish this, namely convert from ImageMagick, jhead and jpegtran. get_exif is a Perl script that fetches all EXIF data from the original image and stores in in a separate file. I use Image::ExifTool for this. In a first attempt I used PHP's EXIF functions, but as it turned out, the Perl lib is better, especially because it interprets the MakerNotes quite nicely. Download the scripts Second, the application With the scripts we produced a nice gallery and now we need some way to display it. Pixy does right this. It is (almost) a single-file PHP script, which borrows some code and ideas from my Web Application Framework Parenchym. Look inside pixy.php for more information how to set the galleries up. In the next days I will upload my galleries, so that you can see Pixy live. Maybe I'll also publish the sources.


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