Linux Virus Shock?

23 06 2009
A couple of minutes ago something weird happened on my Linux box: I had been working on some graphics in Gimp and was clicking through the windows when suddenly a song started to play. I was startled, and it lasted only for a few notes and then fell silent again. My first (paranoid) suspicion was, somehow a virus had pirated my machine or, some hacker was trying out commands in a shell... Hmm, a less into /var/log/auth.log showed nothing suspicious. But then, a capable hacker could have concealed her traces. Unfortunately I had no more ideas about how to find out the source of the song and so I finished the graphics. When the desktop reappeared after all of Gimp's windows were closed, I remembered that I had saved that song onto the desktop. And there was another mp3. I wanted to listen to it again and moved the mouse cursor upon its icon, but -- before I could double-click, the song started to play! Aww, I was tricked by the (new?) Gnome (or Nautilus?) behaviour, to play a sound file immediately when the cursor hovers it. That must have happened when I browsed through Gimp's windows earlier on!


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