Repair grub with grml

14 10 2009
My development box runs a bleeding edge Debian sid installation. One day an update produced the message that grub 0.97 is now called grub-legacy and that it will chainload into the new (extremely bleeding edge) grub 2. Should that work I could run upgrade-from-grub-legacy. Well, that sounded nice and I researched what is the status of Grub 2. Almost everybody who wrote about Grub 2 noted, that documentation lacks a lot -- so I won't reproduce this statement here ;-) Fortunately, in the caveat section the draft of the Grub 2 manual gives the following hint
deb upgrades - In the Debian 5.x and Ubuntu 9.x series, upgrading to GRUB 2 after an an LVM/LVM+crypto installation (under GRUB legacy) will leave you unhappy.
Hmpf. Made a mental note not to touch above command, because I am using lvm. But yesterday evening my mental state was kind of unconscious and out of -- whatever it was, that had driven me -- I entered upgrade-from-grub-legacy. A dialogue asked me which devices Grub 2 shall be installed on and -- @$""§ again without thinking -- I selected both drives. [Deviation] The computer has two different brands of hard drives drives, an old one and a new one, with different sizes and partitioning. The system used to identify them as /dev/hda and /dev/sda. A recent upgrade of the kernel introduced some confusion here, because suddenly the hda was populated as sdb! Researching (many thanks to all the people who write about their knowledge) found that the new kernels see all drives as "sd". So I changed the fstab and everything worked again. [/Deviation] Back to Grub 2. The installation and a reboot finished without errors. Null sweat here. But I noticed that the Vista entry in Grub's menu was missing. So I installed and run os-prober which found the Vista partition and also produced an entry for the splash screen (which I disliked but accepted). Strangely, it did not list my Linux kernels! As Whitesnake had put it:
When I first saw you baby You took my breath away, I knew your name was Trouble But, my heart got in the way I couldn't stop myself from reaching out, I could not turn away
In my case my brain just passed out. I did a reboot. Great, the Grub menu appeared and an entry for Vista was there. -- BUT IT WAS THE ONLY ONE! Uniqueness might be applicable for certain rings, but certainly it was displeasing for my boot menu. Very! Hardened from battling with overwritten Lilo boot records in the past, and in the very comforting situation of having a quite recent backup I did not break into sweat. Browsing through the pile of stuff on my desk produced two things, in that order: a disc of grml Schluchtenscheisser, and a grin on my face.


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