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Die verbreitetste und, wie man wohl annehmen darf, ursprünglichste Form des Grundgewebes ist das ge­wöhnliche, dünnwandige Parenchym.1)

Wie schon der Name Grundgewebe ausdrückt, stellt es die Masse der Zellen, in welches spezialisierte Gewebe, wie Leitgewebe und oft auch die Samen ein­gebettet sind.2)

Parenchym is a framework for developing web-applications in PHP 5.

At the moment, most of the documentation is in German only, sorry. Therefore you should start on the German start page. You may switch between translations with the blue buttons on the top right.

The Overview informs you about Parenchym's features and introduces you to its architecture from a bird's point of view. These chapters also direct you to more detailed documentation.

Read the Howtos to see how Parenchym helps you to accomplish important tasks building a website or, even telling you how Parenchym will do this on it's own.

These pages have just started and will provide more information over time. Parenchym itself is already mature and ready for production use and is used by customers. If you wish to contact me, write a letter to:

dm AT parenchym DOT com

Thank you.

1) Julius v. Sachs (1832-1897). Zit. n.
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